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Welcome to Elder Options

We provide solutions for older adults, honoring their wishes and keeping them safe at home.

More and more older adults are choosing to age in place.  This may be the family home where they’ve lived for 50 years, the ranch or winery property that has been in the family for over 75 years or a retirement home that was purchased when the children were grown and gone.  It may also be a mobile home, an apartment in a senior independent living facility or an assisted living facility where they moved needing a bit more care.  For now, it’s home and where they want to stay.  For over 26 years Elder Options continues to honor that wish to remain at home wherever and whatever that home is.

If moving is a choice, an option or a necessity, we help with that too working with clients and families to assure the transition is the right one and the decision is the best one possible for the older adult(s).

Our credentialed care managers work with families to:

  • Understand the individual’s needs and wishes
  • Coordinate the proper care with family members and the supports in place
  • Complete an assessment and develop a personalized care plan
  • Assure that the care is appropriate and cost effective
  • Work with and monitor all care, particularly with our bonded and trained care providers

Elder Options is a trusted resource, providing in home care and practical solutions for older adults and their families. Managed by credentialed care managers, we keep your loved one safe and happy at home by providing professionally trained and individually matched care providers.