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Family Meetings

What is a family meeting? Do I need this?

  • A meeting
  • A consultation
  • Explore what the client’s needs are
  • A time to “put the cards on the table” – someone close to you needs help
  • A place to start – learning what the person will accept and how much it will cost

The family meeting gives you a starting point by talking to an Aging Life Care™ Manager who is an expert in these matters. Family meetings can take place at the Elder Options office with client/family participating or in the client’s home. Free teleconferencing is available for family members who want to participate but live out of the area.

Having a Care Manager facilitate the discussion helps to clarify the objectives, identify resources in place, allow all participants to have a voice and begin to design a personalized plan that addresses the concerns of both the client and their family.

Beginning with a family meeting before big decisions are made will save time, money and help make the right decision for all concerned.