Sarelle Driggs, RN, BSN

Sarelle Driggs, RN, BSNRN Care Manager

Sarelle graduated from Aspen University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in July 2022 after having worked for many years with an associate degree in nursing. Her experience has been in the hospital setting ranging from pediatrics, telemetry, medical/surgical, and gerontologic care with that focus more recently shifting to skilled nursing and end of life care for the elderly and others in need. Sarelle began working for Elder Options in August 2022 where she can continue with that focus.

Sarelle’s passion in the nursing field comes from her love of people and wanting to make a difference by showing a caring attitude and listening to what they have to say.

In her spare time, Sarelle enjoys spending time outdoors or playing board games with her husband and 4 sons.