Would a Family Meeting Help?

January 12, 2017

Senior adults talking with their adult children.

As older family members develop serious health issues that challenge their ability to remain independent, families often struggle with how to talk about it. The adult children worry about the parents. The older parents recognize their ill health, want to remain in charge of their lives but may not want to burden their children with their worries.

The adults kids say:
“Do Mom and Dad have a will? Do they have money to help them when they’re older? Should I plan on them moving in with me? Will I have to take charge of their affairs? We’re worried and we want to help.”

The older parents say:
“Of course, we have a will but it’s none of their business. When did we have to ask them for help? If we tell them we need help, they’ll want us to sell our house & move in with them. They’ll want to take over and be in charge. We worry too but we’re afraid we’ll have to do something we don’t want. We want them to understand.”

Elder Options’ professional geriatric care managers (PGCM) hear both sides. They will meet with a family and help get the issues out in the open. They ask pertinent questions. They assure everyone is heard. They develop short term solutions and long range goals that address all concerns.

Professional geriatric care managers have the expertise to know community resources, recognize the needs of the older adult, understand family dynamics, and the ability to determine a positive outcome. A family meeting usually takes about an hour and includes everyone interested and involved particularly the older adult(s) who we consider our client(s).

It’s a good way to talk about what’s important to all of you!

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