Home Care

“Home care” means supportive care with day-to-day activities while a person is recuperating from surgery, has been recently discharged from the hospital or has chronic health issues that prohibit them from the ability to care for themselves without some help.

In some cases, client/families may begin this type of care with a housekeeping service to do heavy housework once or twice a month. However, as individuals continue to age in place, the needs may gradually increase and be more than a housekeeper can do. A few consistent hours a week by a trained, experience in-home care provider can often be enough for the person to remain independent and in control of their life.

At the initial home visit, the Care Manager talks with the client/family about their wishes, expectations and needs. She then helps them decide what kind of help the client needs and how often someone should come to provide the service.

In-home care providers are trained, equipped and can help clients with:

  • Meal preparation/grocery shopping/meal planning
  • Light housework
  • Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Assistance/supervision with bathing/showering
  • All other aspects of personal care (i.e., incontinence, toileting)
  • Assistance with walking and transferring in/out of bed, chair or toilet
  • Transportation, errands, outings
  • Companionship and socialization
  • Medication reminders
  • Respite for primary caregivers/family

For clients who are ill or are diagnosed with a terminal illness, in-home care providers are trained to:

  • Care for bedridden clients
  • Personal care, dressing/undressing
  • Sit with the client throughout the day/night to give comfort and support
  • Coordinate with home health agency, physician or hospice agency

Additional services available through Elder Options include:

  • Handyman employees
  • Technology assistance to older adults
  • Short-term/vacation home care
  • Transportation services
  • Veterans Services programs
  • Home monitoring system – Vital Link – Emergency Response

Elder Options, Inc. is in full compliance with California state law Health & Safety Code 1796.17(b)(6).