It’s Fire Season—What Can You Do to Get Ready?

Published: September 9, 2016

A fire truck streaming past the E.O. office is not unusual.  A fire station is just around the corner and the office is close to the freeway.  However, this time of year it always gives us pause.  Do we hear a helicopter overhead?  Are there multiple fire vehicles headed in the same direction?  Do we… Read More

“I Can’t See to Cook, What Do I Do Now?”

Published: September 9, 2016

Jack recently had an appointment with his eye doctor. However, at this visit the ophthalmologist informed Jack that there was nothing more he could do for him.  Eyeglasses were not going to fix his problem.  He needed to give up driving even though he lives twenty minutes from town.  “The bus doesn’t run out there,”… Read More

Questions About Reverse Mortgages

Published: July 8, 2016

My husband and I own our own home and even though we’re getting older, we’d like to stay here. We are considering a reverse annuity mortgage but wonder if that’s a good idea. What can you tell us about a reverse mortgage? Sometimes called a RAM, a reverse annuity mortgage is a home loan that… Read More

Fall Prevention: What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

Published: May 23, 2016

Elizabeth Heape-Caldwell, BS, CMC Mrs. Hill lives in her own home and is fiercely independent. She is very active and enjoys attending bunco with her ladies group every week. However, last week on her way to the car, Mrs. Hill tripped over an extension cord in the garage and subsequently fell. She was transported to… Read More