Respite Care

California Welfare Institutions Code 4690 Respite Care

Guidelines for Scheduling Respite Care

Thank you for choosing Elder Options for Respite Care Services. We are a vendor for Alta California Regional clients as well as providing professional geriatric care management and home care for older adults and their families in the community.

Before we can begin services, we must receive a written authorization voucher for respite services that documents the number of authorized hours each quarter you can receive that are paid for by Alta California Regional Center. In order to best meet your needs, we’d like to make some suggestions regarding your requests for respite care:

  • Know how much time has been authorized by Alta Regional for respite care for each quarter (Jan/Feb/Mar) (Apr/May/Jun) (Jul/Aug/Sep) (Oct/Nov/Dec) and keep track of what you’ve used each month so you’ll know what you have left to use the balance of the quarter. You may use the allotted hours in any fashion within the quarter i.e., all the 1st month or dividing equally between the three months.
  • Schedule your respite time. There are three ways of arranging respite care:
    • Ongoing basis (e.g., every Wednesday afternoon from 3-7 p.m. or alternating Saturday evenings from 5-10 p.m. Advantage:  Having the same in-home care provider(s) come each time who know and understand the client plus being able to plan for time off knowing you have coverage on our calendar and yours.
    • Monthly schedule (e.g., planning respite time for month of July and notifying us mid-June scheduling can be completed by first of the next month.) Advantage: Knowing that you’ll have coverage for the times requested in advance. Whenever possible, the same in-home provider(s) will be used to offer continuity of care.
    • As Needed (e.g., today is Wednesday. You call Elder Options requesting someone on Friday, two days away.) Advantage: There is no advantage. Elder Options will try and meet your request for care, but may not be able to staff the request. Short notice or scheduling on an “as needed” basis may not allow the same in-home care provider(s) to provide care. Although it is  rare, there may times when we cannot honor your request due to short notice or requesting a particular in-home care provider who is unavailable.

We know that schedules change. Clients become ill. Opportunities arise to attend special events. We try to meet your needs regardless of how and when we receive the request. However, when you give us as much notice as possible, we are in a better position to meet your needs.

We calendar and document all respite care provided based on Telephony called in/out by in-home providers who are providing the care. It is your responsibility to know the authorized hours and the running total of hours expended for respite care. This will help in planning respite care for the balance of any quarter. Hours requested by you and worked above those authorized by Alta Regional Center per quarter will be charged to the family at the current private rate per Elder Options’ contract.

If you have any questions about our services or how best to arrange scheduling, please give our office a call and ask to speak to the Staffing Department:  Placerville/Sacramento – (530)626-6939 or (916)391-8083; South Lake Tahoe – (530)541-1812.

We look forward working with you.