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Respite Care

Respite Care Services Through Alta California Regional Center

Through a Vendor Agreement with Alta California Regional Center (ALTA), Elder Options provides respite care to Alta consumers and their families in El Dorado and Sacramento counties.

What Are Respite Hours?

Respite care is temporary relief care designed for families of children or adults with special needs. Respite care provides short-term breaks that can relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance in your life.  Respite care can be utilized on a regular or as-needed basis at no charge when approved by Alta Regional Center.

Respite Care differs with each individual but care can include:

  • Socialization and one-on-one interaction
  • Recreational activities, exercise
  • Developmental skills, daily life skills
  • Safety and supervision
  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Bathing/Personal care
  • Interactive play and reading

Why Choose Elder Options For Respite Care?

We are part of your community! Our company has worked with Alta Regional clients/families since 2002 and have been part of the community at large since 1988.

Why Choose Respite Care?

As a parent/caregiver of a neuro-diverse child/adult, you may need longer or more frequent breaks than other parents.   Sometimes when you are the only who cares for your child, it is hard to turn that responsibility over to someone else.  Certainly, no one can care for your loved one the way that you do, but to keep up your loving care and attention, you need to take good care of yourself too.

“It was such a good feeling to get some things done because I finally had a few uninterrupted hours where nobody needed me for something.”  Mom – Shingle Springs

Scheduling Respite Services

  • Contact Alta California Regional Center to see if you are eligible for respite services.
  • If eligible, verify how much time has been authorized for care each quarter.
  • Request Elder Options provide respite care.  We will be in touch with you as soon as receive the voucher from Alta California Regional Center.
  • Elder Options will then set up a meeting with you to discuss and schedule a time for respite care to best fit your needs.
    • On-going schedule – Setting a set schedule once or twice a week regularly ongoing.
    • Monthly schedule – Setting a month’s ahead at a glance with changes as needed.
    • As-needed schedule – Requesting a special day or time for a special event or occasion.

We will help you keep track of hours to make sure you receive the respite time you deserve.

“The women who provide respite care for our family are amazing, kind, and care for my daughter like their own.  They don’t just sit here in front of the TV and ignore her.  I don’t think I could ever trust another agency to provide care to my daughter like Elder Options has.”  Mom, Placerville

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