Robin Milner, MA, LPCC

Robin Milner, MA, LPCCCare Manager

Robin has her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.   Robin grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Antioch New England Graduate School in New Hampshire.   She has worked as a psychotherapist in various agencies, and currently works part time at her private practice in Placerville.

Robin joined the Elder Options Team in 2023 and takes a holistic approach to helping others. She has an affinity for people in all walks of life, with a specialty in grief and loss and was certified as a Hospice Volunteer in Vermont.

As a Care Manager, Robin has expertise in psychosocial assessments and psychoeducation in evidence-based therapeutic interventions and is knowledgeable in gerontology, and trauma-informed care.

When not working, Robin enjoys walking in the woods by the lake, reading and singing.